This is an interactive workshop designed for those seeking to improve their performance and develop as a leader. You will get a better understanding of leadership and how to become a more effective leader, whilst learning how to help develop others. 

Most, if not all businesses and organisations have some form of talent or skillset, which they do really well.

The challenge for many is that as they’re focusing on their chosen skills, they aren’t always able to focus on the two areas that from personal experience, were lacking in almost all of the companies I worked for and which formed the foundations for success.

Those two were mindset and leadership.

These two skills are I believe, ought to be at the core of any organisation and whilst there may not be a magic lamp for success, there are definitely strategies which make the difference and as John Maxwell says ‘Everything rises and falls on leadership’ and with good leadership goes the right mindset.

I cannot cover everything about leadership and the mindset of a corporate athlete in one day and I wouldn’t expect you to become a great leader, nor master your mindset in one day either.

What is covered are the key requirements to be an effective leader, as well as the understanding of how to develop a mindset for success and to optimise your potential in your business or organsiation.

The day will be interactive and you will come away with completed exercises and your own vision of how you can move forward confidently as a leader.


  • Psychology of success and failure
  • The three requirements for high performance
  • Understanding and developing the right mindset for success
  • Resilience
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership and becoming a person of influence



  • Gain clarity on what has been limiting their progress
  • Learn how to transform their mindset
  • Learn how to master their thoughts and emotional state
  • Learn how to work with their mind rather than against it
  • Enhance their ability as a leader
  • Be a more effective communicator

“James recently delivered a speech at our event Influential Business Community ® in Walsall. He captured the audience’s attention from the start with his story and how to improve your mindset and results. He is an amazing person with an attitude to help uplift others and to transform their personal or business journey. I highly recommend him”.

Sam Dossa – Entrepreneur at The Influential Business Community

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