The 3 Things Required for Improved Personal and Team Performance

The 3 Things Required for Improved Personal and Team Performance
3 keys to higher performance

The 3 Things Required to Improve Team and Personal Performance

There’s an ever increasing expectancy whether it’s in business or in sports these days and with that expectancy comes the inevitable pressure.

In order to actually achieve better results doesn’t come down to luck, wishing or hoping things will get better.

There are 3 things needed and without all of them, it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve any significant, sustained improvement, individually or collectively..

At best, it will be mediocre and  erratic. 

The 3 Things Required to Improve Individual and Team Performance


What may appear to be obvious, isn’t always quite so when you look at the behaviours and attitudes of the individuals or the team as a whole.

People say they want to achieve more but in reality, their results often show that’s not the case. They lack the real desire to get the results when faced with any real obstacle or challenge. They want micro-wave results….. i.e. in 5 minutes.

But the reality is, as John Maxwell says ‘Everything worthwhile is uphill’.

The obstacle or challenge usually sorts out the wannabe’s from the will do’s.

There are plenty of examples throughout sports and business of people with real desire to improve and succeed including Michel Jordan, who I listened to speaking at the celebration/wake of the late Kobe Bryant.

He described Kobe as his ‘little brother’ and jokingly said he was a nuisance as he was constantly pestering him on how he could improve his performance, often calling him  at two or three in the morning to ask questions.

That’s desire!

If you’re not sure about your level of desire I’d suggest spending some time asking yourself ‘Why do I want what I want?’ and see what you come up with.


This is the one that most people immediately think as to why someone else manages to succeed when they don’t.

You hear them say “Oh he’s really talented” or something else like “I’m not talented enough to do that”.

Talent is a requirement but it is also something that can be developed, if you have the DESIRE.

Without the desire, people won’t even make an attempt.

How can I develop talent?

Practice. Find a very good teacher or mentor and practice more.

Discipline, commitment and persistence will yield great results. It doesn’t matter if it’s in sports or in the boardroom or dealing room, talent can be developed. I worked with some young brokers in my corporate days who didn’t have the natural talent some others did, but what they did have was commitment, discipline and the desire to achieve.

That outweighed the others who had talent but who didn’t always bother ten fold.

Mindset, the final piece

What is mindset?

Mindset is the term coined by the psychologist Carol Dweck and is the collective of our thoughts and atttitudes towards something. The mindset that will keep you going when things don’t work out, when there are are setback and what may seem insurmountable obstacles appear.

Mindset is also about developing thoughts that you can achieve rather than the fixed mindset which is held by those who simply accept their current level of success or talent is the pinnacle.

It’s also about developing the resilience to get back up when the yoghurt has hit the fan or you feel you just can’t do it.

If you’re unsure you can do it, go back to the question on ‘Your Why’.

It’s simple but I didn’t say it’s easy. It takes time, effort and commitment and continuous feedback to keep working toward improvement, something not everyone is willing to do to achieve better results.

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