James bargeron

I like to help you improve yourself in golf , business, your job and etc

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speaking is a ability to speak right.


Are you looking to get your team or organisation to the next level?

My aim is to inspire indivuals, teams and companies to perform at their best.

With a vast amount of experience in the corporate world, leading, training and coaching professional teams to reach their potential, in some of the most stressful environments in business, I understand the pressure and expectation to perform and at the same time understand the importance of effective communication and empathy to get the best out of your teams.

Some of the topics include:

Why People Fail
The Keys to High Performance
Sometimes you Win and Sometimes You Learn
Performing Under Pressure

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I recently attended the Elite Network event in Maidstone where James was the main speaker for the evening. My initial thoughts were ‘ Oh god a golfer talking about other Golfers. How wrong I was! I was totally engaged from the time James started to speak, his story was not about Golfers it was about ‘understanding failure and success. The biggest thing that I took away though was not about me, it was my 18 year old daughter I had taken her along to the event that evening and when I looked over to her she was totally engaged and was writing down the formula to change your results/happiness/life formula, what she took away that night was a great lesson and to see her digest the information was amazing, so thank James for being an inspiration!”.

Sally B – Entrepreneur

I recently met James at the Evolve Network where he presented a valuable keynote speech. I immediately resonated with one part of his talk which was entitled “Why People Fail” The point was about resilience. 
James delivered his speech in a very simple and effective way allowing his life experiences to shine through, without it being about him. I know several other people in the audience also had great take a ways too. I have since caught up with James and love his to the point coaching method which gains clarity with added support that a mentor would provide.

Alex H – Entrepreneur

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