The Science of Achievement
...Failing Forward

Discover Why We’re Conditioned to Fail and How to Overcome Fear, Doubt and Indecision to Rewire Your Mind to Achieve More Personally and Professionally

Do you ever feel stuck, wrecked with indecision, doubt or fear?

Or do you find you sabotage your own efforts?

Know you’re meant for more, but it’s just not happening?

If any of that sounds familiar, then this workshop is for you.

I’ll be sharing the science of why you’re stuck, how your mind works and how to take control and transform your results.

Over time, we are conditioned to have certain beliefs and habits that dictate our results. Those habits and beliefs can be toxic and prevent us from achieving more in our lives. 

Which simply means, we are the ones who are getting in our own way.

We have the power to change things, but the problem is, we don’t always know how.

In this training you will discover:

✔️ Why you’re programmed to fail

✔️ Why you keep getting in your own way

✔️ How you can take control of your mind and results

✔️ How to overcome doubt, indecision and fears that prevent you from achieving more personally and professionally

By getting a greater understanding of all of this, you’ll be empowered to put the steps into action for yourself, so you can eliminate the toxic thoughts, fear and doubt that causes the mental turmoil.

Which means being more in control of how you think, feel and your results.

About Me

My name is James Bargeron, and I spent close on thirty years in the global oil industry, working for and with some of the most successful people and companies across the world.

Although I reached a certain level of success, I hit that invisible lid that meant no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make things happen. 

There was something missing…. and I wasn’t quite sure what.

That led me to study with some of the top thought leaders around, to understand how our minds work, and how to overcome the mental challenges that limit our potential and chances of success.

Over the years, I’ve worked with and spoken with literally thousands of small business owners and professionals, who know they can achieve more, but struggle to break free from these self-imposed limitations


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