The Science of Success: Why it’s not a science

The Science of Success: Why it’s not a science

The Science of Success..... Why We don't Always Need Science to Succeed

The Science of Success 

I often read the science of success and people calling for the evidence to be back up by science. However, we don’t always need volumes of scientific theories, tested in every imaginable environment to prove something is successful.

Yes, it makes sense if you’re NASA or a jet engine manufacturer, working on the latest and greatest material to help build a fleet of new planes. It would be foolish not to.

But not everything comes down purely to science in order to succeed or be successful.

The one thing success boils down to 

It comes down to a simple question, which when asked at the right time, in the right manner and can lead to extraordinary results.

The simple question is ‘Why’.

But not simply ‘why’ as that has a different meaning when left on its own. By that I mean it’s a very intrusive word and is often construed as a challenge when questioned with the word why.

For example, “Why did you do that?” or “Why are you wearing those?” conjurs up negative meaning as if you have done something wrong. 

It just doesn’t make you feel good does it?

What I meant is ‘Your Why’. Your reason for doing something that has the power to change everything and make even the most unlikely and seemingly impossible, possible.

It has nothing to do with science but everything to do with what you value most, who you are and the reason you wish to succeed. Your ‘why’. The very thing that matters, which can be so personal, that others don’t need to know. Only you.

There’s nothing to share, no reason to feel challenged, no negativity attached to what you want to achieve. If you believe in it enough, you will go after it with everything you have, if your ‘why’ is big and important enough to you.

I don’t mean from an ego point of view as I believe the ego, although present, too often doesn’t have the foundations nor the staying power of someone with a real reason ‘why’ based on values.

The Reality of Your Actions

Every January the gyms will be full…. For a couple of weeks. Then everything goes back to ‘normal’ if you’ve got no skin in the game. It doesn’t really mean anything losing a few pounds or kg’s, as you haven’t got the time or the commitment to get it done.

Harry on the other hand, has a choice. He’s a busy businessman…before he was too busy like many others, working long hours, travelling and doing all he can to make his business a success. 

Now the choice is get healthy, lose weight and improve how he performs at work and at home or lose not only his business but most likely his family and kids. 

It’s no joke and it’s not merely about losing a bit of weight. That is one element of how we perform at whatever we do, whether it’s in the classroom, boardroom or golf course and whether or not we reach our potential. There are many other factors involved including mindset, where Harry’s been lying to himself that affect his business, his home and personal life.

“I don’t have the time”

“I can’t afford to be away from the office”

“I’m too old to get fit” (he’s 47)

“I’ve always done it this way”

It happens more than you may think. I speak from personal experience.

You don’t need science to succeed, only your reason why, so long as it’s strong enough.

If you want to know more about how I can help you improve your performance and your reason why, contact me by clicking here.


James Bargeron

James Bargeron is a performance coach for driven, ambitious executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and elite sportsmen and women. 

He has written for Business Connexions magazine, Thrive-Global, BeWell Buzz, Inside Golf magazine, and Golf Business magazine.

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