James Bargeron – ABOUT ME

James Bargeron is a hgh performance coach and trainer

James Bargeron – ABOUT ME

I am an executive coach working with successful people. 

I help you by working on your mindset and the psychology of high performance.

Have written for Thrive-Global

Written for Inside Golf.

I can help you with reach your potential.

Finally I can help you with Surrey Golf magazine.

I am in the people business and have always been fascinated by what makes people tick, one person successful and another not. 

Growing up in London I set out in life not exactly sure what I wanted to do, except do something that excited me. It turned out to be a long career in oil and shipping.

Over the years I’ve discovered that in order perform at a higher level and win in life, business and sports, we have to develop a mindset, a culture of continuous improvement and winning. 

I became a student of psychology and personal excellence and my purpose has been to live to my potential and to help others do the same.


I have a vast amount of experience in international commerce, performing under pressure and in positions of leadership, both in London and the USA. 

I’ve worked with and for some of the most successful people you’re ever likely to meet and there was one thing that that stood out amongst them all; the quality of their thinking, their mindset.

For over twenty years I was responsible for coaching and training high performing teams as well as negotiating complex legal contracts for many of the world’s leading oil and shipping companies.

It hasn’t always been easy and it certainly hasn’t always been rosy. Far from it. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and had more than enough of my share of failures, dealing with pressure and high expectations and what I discovered is, it’s not the size of the challenge, but simply how we get through it that matters.

My clients say I am to the point and there’s no fluff, but I help them get results. I am totally focused and certain about what I do and I’m committed to helping my clients improve their results.

If you have the desire, I believe I can help you.


I’ve written articles on the psychology of high performance and mental strength for Thrive-Global, UpJourney,  BeWell Buzz, Inside Golf, Golf Business and Surrey Golf magazine on the mindset around performing under pressure.