My aim is to inspire individuals, teams and companies to perform at their best. With a vast amount of experience in the corporate world in some of the most challenging environments in business, I understand the pressure and expectation to perform and at the same time,  the importance of the right mindset and effective leadership to get the best out of your people.

Topics include

  • Mindset. Developing a mindset of success

  • Building a world class team and developing a culture of high performance. 

  • Sometimes we win but sometimes we learn.

  • Failing Forward – How to handle failure and importance of mental resilience

  • Leadership. The power of connecting with your people to enhance performance of your team/organisation

  • The modern day leader and becoming a person of influence.

James Bargeron is a performance specialist, who helps professionals and SME’s develop a culture of high performance and a mindset for success.  

For more than three decades, he has been involved in teams and organisations who not only perform, but thrive under pressure, in London and the USA. He now speaks on topics to enhance performance both personally and professionally, and the psychological barriers that prevent professionals and organisations from reaching their potential.

 James is a respected executive coach, mentor and authority on how to improve performance in an impactful way that also enhances personal wellbeing. He has spoken across the UK, in Belgium and the USA. His most talked about speech ‘Why People Fail’ highlights the challenges many of us face and gives the audience simple and easy to understand strategies to implement, at the same time inspiring them to take control and master their mindset.

 James has written articles in Business Connexions magazine, Thrive Global, Inside Golf and Golf Business magazine.

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What others say

“James recently delivered a speech at our event Influential Business Community ® in Walsall. He captured the audience’s attention from the start with his story and how to improve your mindset and results. He is an amazing person with an attitude to help uplift others and to transform their personal or business journey. I highly recommend him”.

Sam Dossa – Event Organiser at Influential Business Community 


“James is a powerful speaker, when stands on stage you are struck by how much he cares about other people, the audience and is determined to serve them. His story is gripping and his unique formula to have a better life is well worth the time and money. Highly recommend”.

Elliott Kay – Co-Founder at Speaker Express and author


“James is an engaging and knowledgable speaker. His passion for his topic is undeniable and is professional in every regard. I wouldn’t think twice about saying yes to having James speak at my events again”.

Will Polston – Owner and event organiser at Make-it-Happen


“I recently met James at the Evolve Network where he presented a valuable keynote speech. I immediately resonated with one part of his talk which was entitled “Why People Fail” The point was about resilience. 
James delivered his speech in a very simple and effective way allowing his life experiences to shine through, without it being about him. I know several other people in the audience also had great take a ways too. I have since caught up with James and love his to the point coaching method which gains clarity with added support that a mentor would provide”.

Alex H – Entrepreneur


“James did a great job with his presentation here in Savannah. It was well received by all team members”.

Bill Stankiewicz – President Savannah Supply Chain


“James came to speak at one of our team training events back in 2015. He was certainly one of the best speakers on personal/team advancement that we had heard! The direct style of high quality, actionable strategies that he taught had an immediate positive impact within our company. I was so impressed that I asked James to be part of a new series of speaking events I was planning”.

Ben Colley – Entrepreneur Tech Startup


“I recently attended the Elite Network event in Maidstone where James was the main speaker for the evening. My initial thoughts were ‘Oh god a golfer talking about other Golfers’. How wrong I was! I was totally engaged from the time James started to speak, his story was not about Golfers it was about understanding failure and success. The biggest thing that I took away though was not about me, it was my 18 year old daughter I had taken her along to the event that evening and when I looked over to her she was totally engaged and was writing down the formula to change your results/happiness/life formula, what she took away that night was a great lesson and to see her digest the information was amazing, so thank James for being an inspiration!”.

Sally B – Entrepreneur