Improvement Starts With This simple Word

by improving our awareness we can improve our performance in business and in sports

Improvement starts with this simple word

We all want to improve as we develop through life and when first ventured into the world of commerce at a young age, I was determined like many other young people to be successful but the reality was I wasn’t sure how to achieve that or where to really start.

Thoughts of becoming successful were always on my mind and I knew I had to do whatever it took to make it happen.

The problem was my idea of success was really not in line with what I understand true success to be today. 

In other words, I was ignorant of certain things that would either slow down my progress or stop it altogether, which happened on more than one occasion. But I blindly bounded on determined to make things happen, without a definite destination or any real strategies on getting there.

Looking back, determination, drive and ambition are certainly things to have in your locker, and I had those things in bundles. However, after many years spent wondering and asking myself the question “What does it really take to get the results I’m not getting?”,  was the realisation that in order to truly improve and get the results I desired, the one thing that needed to change and needed to improve was me.

It comes down simply to how we perform. 

Often that’s a pretty hard pill to swallow and believe me it was, as I just couldn’t work it out.

I was responsible for my results and I wanted to improve but sadly I didn’t know how. What I discovered was one area I really lacked in order to operate at a higher level. 

That area was AWARENESS which I first really discovered the true meaning of the word after working with an amazing mentor Paul Martinelli.

Improvement Starts With Awareness

Awareness is the stepping-stone to improvement no matter where you are or what you are looking to improve on; it all starts with this one but vitally important word. I wasn’t aware of exactly where I was at…. And I didn’t know exactly where I was heading, having only a vague idea in my head of what I thought ‘success’ looked like and to be brutally honest, it was nothing like I had envisaged. 

Without a desired destination or a vision of what it really looks like then it makes it all the harder to truly realise.

I also didn’t know where I was lacking which only makes things worse. Not knowing my shortcomings only added to my lack of progress. 

Basically, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

It took years, a lot of mistakes, failures and anxiety to realise this and make a decision to change and improve but to do so intentionally, rather than ‘hoping’ things getter better as we progress through life.

Greater awareness means more clarity, which means more choice and better results.

With that in mind, let me ask you…

Where are you at?

Where are you heading?

Are you reaching the levels you aspire to?

If you don’t know or aren’t happy with the answers to any of those, contact me to see how I can help you by clicking here


James Bargeron

James Bargeron is a performance coach and trainer for driven, ambitious executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and elite sportsmen and women. He has written for Thrive-Global, Inside Golf magazine, Golf Business and Surrey Golf magazine.

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