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How Ambitious Entrepreneurs Can ‘Get The Edge’ In Business & In Life

Do you know you’re meant for more but for some reason it’s just not happening?

My work centers around helping people who already have a certain degree of success in life to really ‘get the edge’ and not only attain ‘outer success’ but also ‘inner success.’

We can only ever attain the level of success that we unconsciously feel that we deserve and no amount of coaching, training, personal development, meditation or affirmations are going to change anything in our world until we change our unconscious perception of ourselves.

I can help you to understand how your mind really operates and how elite performers in sports and business manage to control their mindset to easily get over obstacles and find creative solutions and keep on top of their game.

Are you secretly struggling to get the results you desire personally and professionally? 

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I’m James Bargeron

I spent nearly 30 years in the global Oil industry working alongside some of the most successful and accomplished people in the world.

I soon discovered that not everyone felt ‘successful’ and there was something missing., but I didn’t know what.

There are two sides to success: inner and outer. This led me to a lifelong interest in the fascinating area of mindset development, peak performance, and discovering the potential that lies within all of us, but many fail to uncover.

I’ve spent the last decade working with ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives, helping them to create more health, wealth, and happiness in their lives by applying age-old but rarely used success principles.

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