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I am a high performance coach and trainer. 

I am in the people business and have always been fascinated by what makes us tick, what makes one person successful and another not.

It didn’t matter if it was in life, sports or business.

Growing up in London I set out in life not exactly sure what I wanted to do, except do something that excited me. It turned out to be a long career in commodities.

Over the years I have gained a vast amount of experience in international commerce, performing under pressure and in positions of leadership, both in London and the USA. 

I’ve worked with and for some of the most successful people you’re ever likely to meet and there was one thing that that stood out amongst them all; the quality of their thinking, their mindset.

My clients, which include CEO’S, executives, entrepreneurs and aspiring golf professionals, say I am to the point and there’s no fluff and I help them get results. They are people that want to succeed in whatever they do. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve written articles for Thrive-Global,  Inside Golf, Golf Business Magazine and Surrey Golf magazine.

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