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Helping ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals eliminate self doubt and overwhelm so they can excel personally and professionally

Helping entrepreneurs and professionals eliminate the mental obstacles and overwhelm so they can excel personally and profesionally

Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals Get
Clarity, Control and Results

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Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals Get
Clarity, Control and Results

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You Want More Out of Life Than Your Present Results

If you’re reading this, I imagine you’re someone who knows you’re meant for more, but for some reason you’re stuck.

Many professional men and women I speak with are often overwhelmed, trying to achieve more but quite frankly, they find themselves frustrated, less fulfilled and heading towards burning out.

I get it…. I really do.

Because I’ve been there and it doesn’t have to stay that way.

We can help you to develop the tools, strategies and mindset to elevate all areas of your personal and professional life, by helping you understand the root cause and biggest obstacles to your success and how to overcome them.

Watch the free training that explains the science behind it that helps our clients become more empowered and confident to live a more fulfilling, productive and significant life and business.

Be well


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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur/Professional

There’s no doubt, it’s a challenge running a business or trying to get to the next level professionally…..let alone the top.

There’s a myriad of obstacles to contend with.

The higher up you go, the more challenges there are and the bigger they seem to get.

It goes with the territory.

But we can all hit that ‘invisible lid’ that keeps us from getting to the next level. Which causes pressure, frustration and anxiety…. it can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Over time, the chinks in our armour are exposed, and before long, the procrastination, doubt and uncertainty creeps in, which affects your results and all too often you can’t always put a finger on exactly what it is that’s keeping you stuck.

If any of that sounds familiar, I’d like you to think about your current results.

I imagine they’re not quite what you would like.

Can you see a vision for your future or your business?

Maybe you don’t even have one….

If that’s the case, you’re not the only one. I get it.

I see and hear many people that go through life frustrated and unhappy with their results until they get to the age of 45.

Then what happens?

They just accept it!

And at what cost to your business? relationships? and your health?

My name is James Bargeron, I help entrepreneurs and professional men and women like you, to not just improve, but transform their personal and professional lives, by working with your most valuable asset…. Your mind.

I can help you get the clarity you need, so you can take control, and develop the tools and strategies that can help you improve your results beyond all recognition.

Sounds too far out?

Read some of what other real people have experienced to get an idea of what’s possible down below.


I don’t promise any instant results and other nonsense you see bandied around all too often these days, without you having to do any of the work.

If you’re serious about getting results and escaping the self-sabotage that hinders the majority, then you’re in the right place.

Prior becoming an entrepreneur, I spent 30 years in the global oil industry, working for and with some of the most successful people and companies across the world.

I’ve spoken on stages in the US and across the UK and have written for several international publications, including Inside Golf, Australia’s most read golf magazine, on topics including performance, developing a success mindset, and performance psychology.

As you’re here, I imagine you’ve known for some time that something needs to change for you to make a difference for you, your business and your family, so now’s your chance to make that decision.

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Don't take my word for it....

“This has been nothing short of eye opening, literally. Chronic stress and anxiety profoundly impacted my quality of life at work, with my kids, marriage and day-to-day living.  It helped me quickly pin down my priorities and brought awareness to the issues I was facing.

With awareness, I could seek solutions. You can’t solve what you can’t see… however in a few short months I’m much calmer, clearer and more in control of my mind, rather than being perpetually at its mercy”. 

C.O.O. International Company

“For years, my default state of mind had been negative; I allowed things to get on top of me and was generally quite unhappy, both in my work and personal life.  James provided me with the tools I needed to both think through and prioritise what I wanted to achieve in my work and personal life as well as introducing me to ideas and techniques that have proved invaluable in managing my mind.

I am happier than I have been for many years.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that my default state of mind is now positive.  

I have also achieved a number of goals that I had been procrastinating over for years and am well on my way to changing my career to something I have always wanted to do”.

Belinda – Marketing Exec

I was blessed to have been introduced to James. He was brought in to help our core Tech Start-Up group develop the proper Mindsets we needed to be successful in our endeavours. His vast knowledge and experience as well as applied techniques and exercises opened up so many new doors within myself I didn’t even know existed. I think being able to develop the proper mindset in everything we do in life is something so incredibly valuable. 

Derek – Entrepreneur

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