Helping Professional Men and Women Prevent Burnout

....And Take Their Personal and Professional lives to the Next Level

Dear Fellow Professional…

Nobody finds me when everything is rosy and things are going great in their lives, so I’m glad you’re here.

Juggling a successful career, marriage and your health can be challenging.

It’s difficult and the pressure can be immense.

Many professional men and women I speak with are stuck, spinning their wheels trying to get off that emotional roller-coaster. They’re overcome with anxiety, indecision and fear. All too often overwhelmed doing too much, but achieving very little and exhausted trying to break free from it all.

Those that do become my private 1/1 clients, realise they’ve had enough of the turmoil, being stuck and unhappy and are ready to take control and regain their zest for life.

If you’re looking to get to another level, I can help.

Are You Looking to Break Free?

If the pressures of juggling a high flying career, a family and a myriad of other things are leaving you overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling to make decisions or you’re feeling like everything is getting on top of you but you can’t seem to figure it all out…. then this book is probably the most important you’ll ever read.

This book doesn’t contain a ‘magic wand’ or ‘pill’ that will bring instant answers and results without you having to do any of the ‘work’.

What I’m about to share with you takes both time and effort and has worked wonders for both me and my clients.

I believe it can help you too.

The information and processes I’ll be sharing have taken several of my clients from a feeling of ‘stuck’ to real clarity on what they should do.

But this only works for those who are prepared to look inside themselves and are committed to improvement and change.



My name is James Bargeron, a coach and strategist helping professional men and women prevent burnout so they can get to another level, personally and professionally.

With almost thirty years experience in the corporate world, I understand the difficulties and the challenges involved in balancing a successful career-business, a healthy marriage and maintaining our own health.

I’ve spoken on stages in the US and across the UK and I’ve written for several international publications on reaching our potential and overcoming the obstacles and challenges we face.

What People Say

“Before I started working with James, I had lost focus in all areas of my life. 

I was trying to do too much with the result that I was achieving nothing at all. 

For years, my default state of mind had been negative; I allowed things to get on top of me and was generally quite unhappy, both in my work and personal life. 

 I had reached a really low point; I knew I wanted to get my life sorted out but just didn’t know where or how to start. James provided me with the tools I needed to both think through and prioritise what I wanted to achieve in my work and personal life as well as introducing me to ideas and techniques that have proved invaluable in managing my mind. I have also achieved a number of goals that I had been procrastinating over for years and am well on my way to changing my career to something I have always wanted to do”.

Belinda K – Marketing Exec

“My work with James has allowed me to change the way I look at myself both professionally and as a person. 

He has helped me undo the daily programmes I have been subconsciously running which have been hampering my development and growth.  Though not a quick fix, James has helped me realise that the power to change lies within me, the individual, and that the process of self-ownership is the start.

Over the 12 weeks, James has been a constant companion who has demonstrated empathy, a willingness to suggest possible avenues to explore and most importantly, he has been quite honest in his views (a most essential part of this relationship).

I would recommend James’ input and guidance to any individual who is looking to grow at a professional and/or personal level”. 

Iain M – Media Exec

“I have had the honour of working with James for the last 4 years after I had been recommended his coaching services.  He has had a profound positive effect on my personal and business life in that time. 

Such was the level of his direct contribution to my health, wellness, focus, and productivity, I brought him onboard my Start-Up team to coach us in his success philosophies on a weekly basis.

 James is a no bull@&*” guy who draws answers and delivers executable information in a simple manner everyone can understand from the CEO to the office junior”.

Ben – Entrepreneur Tech Start-Up


I was already on my journey of change but found myself stuck unable to move forwards. With his straight talking, fair, empathetic manner James showed me a real vision for my future.

A new more positive, confident me. He not only said he was committed to my change, he proved it with action and that is a rare quality in todays world. 

We decided on the Quest program for myself and what has stayed with me throughout the process, alongside the learning, has been his unwaivering belief in the power of change and in me, someone valued and capable of making this change.

Thank you James for coaching me, believing in me and helping me to gain further insight into the person I am and want to continue being”

Lorraine – Entrepreneur

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