Do you or your teams want get to the next level?

Our results are dictated by how we perform, either individually or collectively   and it all starts with how you think, your mindset. Improvement and success don’t happen by chance, we have to be intentional about it.


What I do

I help leaders, professionals  and SME’s discover what’s holding them back, improve their mindset and develop a culture of high performance. I focus on developing the mental strategies, attitudes and resilience that forms the foundation for accomplishment both personally and professionally.


How I do it

I offer tailor-made coaching programmes for individuals and workshops and presentations to groups/organisations on enhancing performance and optimising potential.

If you or your team is struggling to reach the next level, I can help you pinpoint what is holding you back and what changes are necessary for you to improve your results. 

The first step is to take a look at your strengths and weaknesses to find a starting point. We then create a personalised plan to help facilitate growth and develop the right mindset, which means taking your personal and professional life to the next level.



Increased Effectiveness. As well as helping you to improve your performance,  we strive to improve your effectiveness. Being more effective can make you a better leader. You will be better equipped to make difficult decisions and motivate and inspire others.

Confidence. Confidence in yourself, your ability when making key decisions and your self worth.

Resilience. Stronger mentally to be able to face obstacles and challenges and perform at a higher level.


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I am an executive coach and help successful executivesMy aim is to help you perform under pressure


I am a life coach

I can help you develop right mindset

Finally I have written for Inside Golf magazine and Surrey Golf magazine